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It’s graduation season – time to look within and beyond

As the end of the semester brings warm weather and lesser motivation to study for exams, it seems that everyone in college is ready to burst. 9 consecutive months of studying culminate into this frenzy, where students simultaneously work diligently and savor the sunshine with their friends one last time before summer break. However, there is also a strong feeling of sentimentality in the air, as seniors wrap up their university careers with one last hurrah: Graduation.

No one wants to admit that their undergraduate stay is over, hiding behind the gaping smiles and warm family embraces. But graduation creates this unique nostalgia – where students are proud of their incredible accomplishments and also apprehensive of what obstacles lay ahead of them in the future. Not to worry. Once you toss that graduation cap up in the air, the world will not begin to crumble before your eyes. In fact, recent grads often take their senior summer as an opportunity to celebrate their last bit of freedom before entering the working world, viewing it as a holiday for their achievements. Whether you have a full-time job waiting for you next September or are still deciding your next steps, this time period gives you a great chance to look back on your personal growth in college and look forward to what your future interests might look like.


Four years of college can fly by, and after all the final exams and counselling sessions are finally complete, it is good to pause and think about the memories, skills, and relationships that you’ve formed. Over the course of this self-analysis, you will learn a lot about yourself that will not only change the way you view yourself, but hopefully bring you great pride and closure as well, knowing that you gave your best effort.

Forward-Thinking: After you’ve looked back, you are now ready to look ahead. You might have a reflex to find a job as quickly as you can, so you do not immediately become unemployed after school, but this reflection period can be a helpful tool for you when taking steps toward your future. Often times people dive into their careers too quickly, without considering other opportunities. Being in the prime of your youth, recent graduates can seize the chance to travel the world or devote time to volunteering, as you are not yet restricted by career requirements, dependent family members, and other factors that reduce the freedom of adults. You could also continue advancing your education by applying to graduate school. If you take the time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and the lessons that you learned from completing college, it can only benefit your future prospects. When you tell the truth to yourself, it guides your future actions to produce more happiness in your life. 

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