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4 Reasons to go to college in the south

Universities are great in the north and south alike, but there are some differences between the two. At GradTrain, we support schools from both regions, but want to help to point out the comparisons between the two to help you make the best decision you can. Here is a list we comprised of some of the most attractive aspects of attending a southern college.

The Weather

The weather at your university will make a difference to your experience, whether you realize it or not. If you go to school in the southern United States, you will experience a warm, sunny climate most of the year. Near the middle of the country, winters can be cool, but they will be short and mild. From there, the further south you go, the longer it stays hot, making your year a constant summer. Houston weather and Phoenix weather, for example, are much warmer than the weather in NYC or Washington DC. This can be a huge benefit, allowing you to have nice walks to classes, hang outside with your friends, and have outdoor parties.

The Social Scene
Because of the nicer climate, the social life at southern colleges can also be more active. During the winter at northern universities, parties can seem to stop altogether due to the snow and cold, and if they do exist, they are normally smaller house parties. In the south however, there is no seasonal problem. Therefore, the parties are big and outdoors all year long. This creates a happy, carefree atmosphere that might be for you.

Happier Local Area
There have been studies done that prove that living in warmer areas simply create a happier culture. Long, cold winters filled with grey skies and long nights can create seasonal depression, while bright blue skies and a blazing sun have a tendency to make people smile more. This can be super helpful at your university during stressful times, allowing you instant relief by stepping outside and being surrounded by happy faces and a beautiful day.

Greek Life
Another aspect of the south that stands out above the north in general is the prominence of Greek life. Of course, there are universities in the north that have a heavy emphasis on fraternities and sororities, but in general, these organizations have a larger presence at southern schools. If you are interested in becoming part of a very close group of people, this could be the thing for you. Another bonus about greek life is that you can typically get a higher salary if you were a member because of the connections you will make.

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