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Best university clubs for international students

When you are an international student studying abroad in a new and foreign country, it can be challenging to feel involved and part of your campus activities, especially if you just arrived. US universities know that international students can have a hard time fitting in with American culture and they have many clubs for you to join as soon as you arrive on campus, whether you want to meet new people and different cultures or want to meet people from your home country. There are academic, sports, and culture clubs dedicated to bringing students who have similar interests together to promote the development of students’ leadership and campus involvement.

Academic clubs for graduate students
As a general rule, if your field of study exists on campus, there is a club to go along with it. Academic clubs exist so you can mingle with people who have similar interests to yours and in the your field of study. You’ll most likely be taking classes with these people as well, so use this opportunity to get to know them. Joining an academic club during your studies abroad gives you the benefit of meeting other people in your field of study that you otherwise wouldn’t have met. Academic clubs have other benefits as well. You can use this opportunity to do homework and study with other people. If you prefer to work with other people this can make your life easier while making new connections. Also you can use this opportunity to explore your field of study and go deeper into the subject. You may learn new things that you haven’t learned in class and can make you enjoy your studies even more.

Sports clubs for graduate students
If you love sports but aren’t a top level athlete, don’t worry! There are opportunities to play any sports at any level, even at smaller universities. There are sports clubs at universities that don’t have any commitments or practices and you just play for fun. There are also higher level clubs with coaches and practices so you can choose what’s best for you. Even sports that aren’t always as popular in America such as football (soccer) and rugby have a place on campus. This is a great way to stay in shape and not gain weight from the all-you-can-eat dining halls. So if you’re itching to get on the soccer field or the basketball court, these clubs are perfect for you.

Culture clubs for graduate students
As an international student you may want to meet people like you. There are clubs on campus specifically meant for meeting people of the same ethnicity and culture as you. If you are from Italy you can join the Italian club and meet students from Italy or American born Italians. This is a great way to meet people who are similar to you while studying overseas in a graduate program. Clubs like these get funding from the schools so they generally have fun events with free food and entertainment.
If you want to be in a specific student club, but there’s nothing like it at your university - you can start it yourself. If you talk to the university center and student activities staff and they approve of your idea you can head your own club or student organization. There are almost no restrictions on which clubs can be formed, so be creative and create or join a club related to something you genuinely enjoy doing. It will make your time studying abroad much more enjoyable and you will have unforgettable experiences and meet interesting people.
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