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Study abroad and enjoy campus sports life

You have been studying for finals, searching for scholarships, and waiting for the application process to come to an end. Basically, all you want to do right now is kick back and relax. And, while you are dreaming away during your newfound free time, have you by any chance been fantasizing about being a rugged American Football player, or perhaps becoming the next Stephen Curry?

Sports life in an American University is a really big deal. Moreover, if you were not raised in the US, you most likely have developed a few preconceived notions about American sports. We have all seen them, the cute cheerleaders in the TV series, the annoyed coaches during the Super Bowl, or the cool Basketball player in the movies.

As you already know, sports is extremely important in an American student’s college experience and in American culture in general. Many students join a sports team during their time in undergraduate or graduate school. It is known that North American Universities have a wide range of sports teams on their campuses, more than you would ever be able to find in any European University.

Here are some ways in which you can find out if you are cut out for an American University campus and its sports life:

You are an adventurous person who sees sports as a way to get new friends and to connect to the local culture, fellow students, and campus life. Well, then you’re going to love America! Have you ever heard of Lacrosse? Beer pong? Okay, maybe not beer pong, but it does take skills.  Many Universities offer a wide range of sports for beginners. As soon as your application package is accepted, you can start contacting the head of the Student Sports Organizations or even the teams you are interested in.  This way, you will get a global vision of each sport on that particular campus and find out where you could learn a new sport.

You are all about team spirit and are longing to be a part of a sports team. Select some of the teams you would like to join and contact them before your arrival. When you finally get there, make sure to ask the other foreign students what their impressions of the campus activities are. Playing sports while being a University student is a real commitment. you have to be prepared to juggle both studies and training. But, if you are serious about it and motivated, you can definitely achieve your goals. Without this experience, your study abroad program just will not be the same.

You are already an Athlete and you are preparing your application to study abroad programs, your first contact in America should be the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This organization is ruling the follow up of athletes for all Colleges and Universities. Try to get familiar with them and get the maximum information you can, especially if you are considering getting a scholarship as an athlete to apply for a study abroad program. In North America, more than in many other countries, being an athlete and studying for a Graduate or Post Graduate Program can be a reality, but requires many efforts.

You are not such a sporty person….but you are interested in big sports events: Do not miss all the planning of the sports events and get familiar with the sports seasons in the United-States. This can be a rich experience for you on Campus during your time studying abroad.

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