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4 Reasons why universities need international students now

In the midst of the recent shift in political current in the United States and in the UK, the united academic community stepped forward to show their appreciation of international students. Campaigns like #WeAreInternational show the community’s support for international students in aim of encouraging them to keep applying to colleges and universities and study abroad. Maintaining a global reputation is a big part of institutions' overall motives. The value which international students bring to these institutions is paramount to their existence and here's why: 

1. Diversity = Quality 

Diversity on campus serves a dual propose – touching the lives of foreign students as well as affecting host communities. During their study abroad experience and after graduation, foreign students serve as ambassadors for the university they studied in. On the other hand, the local communities also benefit from these interactions. Local students learn about different cultures and become more tolerant to other mentalities. 

2. International students = Booming economy

NAFSA’s latest analysis shows that just last study year, the overall contribution from international students was $32.8 billion to the economy while also adding hundreds of thousands of jobs to the market.

Wherever international students go – they bring profit to the local economies.  

Take Australia for example – the third largest export revenue just last year came from international students who moved from countries like India, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico and more.

International students not only help the countries’ economies but also the institutions themselves. Universities which were able to recruit international students over the years have also been able to grow and develop. International students pay higher tuition fees than local students, greatly contributing to the university’s incomes.

3. Bigger market = More (and better) competition

Providing access to prospective students all over the world rather than just within borders raises the bar for competition during the admissions phase as well as throughout the semester. This means that universities have a wider range of students to choose from, with varied strengths. This also means that the students that do get selected will work harder alongside their high-achiever colleagues.

4. Foreign students = Global reputation: 

strong correlation exists between top ranking study institutions and numbers of international students enrolled. In fact, in the process of ranking universities, a certain ranking percentage is dedicated to reviewing how successful the university is in attracting an international crowd – students, staff and faculty. 

Having the capability to recruit international students also hints, to a certain extent, about the university's facilities to handle students from varied backgrounds. It's a sign of tolerance towards foreign cultures, mentalities and a meaning to collaborate with foreign entities. It shows that the universities are willing to adapt to become flexible to students' needs.  

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