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The 7 international students you'll meet abroad

Studying abroad is an educational experience which opens opportunities to advance in one's career. It's also a great way to meet diverse people from all over the world. Here are the 7 international students you're going to meet while living abroad. 

1. The compulsive traveler - They've already been to 37 countries and are booking flights according to their layovers so that they can check 50 countries off their list before they turn 29. Studying abroad is probably the least interesting line on their resume, but if you ask them about how they climbed the Kilimanjaro, got stranded in the Brazilian rain forests, volunteered to save starving children in third world countries or survived an avalanche on the Everest they won't spare you with words. Good luck comparing your sad life to theirs.

2. The one who never left home - So physically, they did. But their mind is still at home. Whether they have a boyfriend or girlfriend who they are Skyping with between classes, stalking their friends from home on Facebook, or staying in on a weekend to call their family, they are always connected. WatsApp, SnapChat, Messenger, Instagram, you name it - they're on it - 24/7. They even installed VPN to see their favorite TV show to stay updated. If you want to stay safe, never call them out on it - they'll never admit that they are just too plugged in or suffering from a chronic case of FOMO.

3. The ambassador - This international student didn't just come to study. They came to represent (the hood). They were wide aware of the broad exposure they'll get abroad to new cultures and identities and will push their agendas forward any chance they get. The observant will be able to spot a small flag on the ambassador's bag, key chain or clothes, but if you missed the early you'll probably recognize them when you say anything that relates to their country. Just don't start a political conversation with them... Thanks!

4. The newbie - They finally made it out of their homes. In fact, they made if furthest out of all the 400 people who studied with them in high school. They grew up in a town with a name you can't pronounce and after working in their parents' business they broke out into the world. Don't be surprised if they are a little nervous, it's still their first time abroad. 

5. The local - Are you dying to share the word about the hip restaurant you discovered last weekend? Don't bother. They've already been there, oh, and they know the owner too. The local was just born in the wrong country and moved to study abroad where they really belong. After all, it was their destiny and they show how assimilated they are every chance they get. They took a few language courses, and know all the local hits, they even dress like locals. You won't need a tour guide with someone like that on your side. Just make sure not to reveal their secret - yes, they've only been in the country for two weeks. 

6. The one who came to party - It's not easy coming to school hungover everyday, but we only live once and what better way is there to enjoy the time abroad by jumping from party to party. After all, memories  and experiences is what it's all about right? This student didn't do much research about the study program or university they applied to, but they did calculate the time it would take them to walk from the bar home and how much money they'd save on taking a taxi. You'll be able to recognize them pretty easily - they're the ones passing out on their tables in class.

7. The culture shocked - Moving to a foreign country and not knowing the language is not as easy as they thought. This student learned it the hard way. Their honeymoon phase was short and now they are just stuck in between being frustrated and anxious. Let's just say that things didn't really turn out the way they wanted them to. Don't worry, it's not contagious.

So which one are you? 

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