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2018: A year full of new opportunity for international students

Get ready to bid farewell to 2017 and ring in the new year, with all of its new possibilities and opportunities for improvement in 2018 to make your study abroad dream a reality and a success:

1. Take care of yourself
You should be your number one priority before anything else because it will be hard to succeed academically and professionally if you don’t succeed personally. So start rethinking your eating and exercise habits! Put a greater emphasis on brain foods and a lifestyle that will fuel your ambitious goals. Simple dietary improvements can make a world of differences, and your budget should not be an excuse to treat your body and mind poorly, there are several ways to have a healthy diet on a budget.

2. Start saving
Studying abroad as an international student can be costly, which can cause plenty of stress. But you can easily relieve a lot of the stress by drawing up a personal budget plan and sticking to it! By having all your finances in front of you, you’ll be able to pinpoint unnecessary expenses and use the money toward something that you actually need or you could save it for later. There are a plethora of ways to minimize your spending and get your financial life in order.

3. Make new friends
American university campuses are full of intriguing and diverse people who are also looking to meet new people. Find a committee that interests you or a club that you would love to learn more about and you will definitely meet interesting people who you might not meet otherwise. You’ll have new, stimulating conversations, combat loneliness and you might even create a lifelong friend!

4. Improve your English
If you haven’t started working on your English, there’s no time like the present! As an international student, improving your language skills can only benefit you and your future. There are many ways to expand your English language arsenal, so find the best way for you and get to it!

5. Stop procrastinating
It’s finally time to break the vicious cycle of procrastination. In order to succeed personally, academically and professionally, you need to get on top of your game. Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today adds a significant amount of unnecessary stress to your life and can hurt your overall wellbeing. In order to actually achieve your new year’s resolutions, you must be committed to fulfilling them. Take the first steps toward making your dream a reality - do some research, choose the programs that are right for you and talk to someone who has been through the process who can guide you.

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