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International students - Need help? It may be close by

There are resources on every university campus that help students with their studies or any questions they may have or challenges they may be facing. Libraries, tutoring centers, career counseling and more are all available for students. If you are having a problem or have any questions there is usually a place for you to go right on your campus. Additionally, there are events or places to go specifically for international students who have any questions. All you have to do is search through your school's website or call the main office for information on where or when you can find these resources on your campus.

As an international student, your first important step is not to miss the orientation day. Important information will be given to you: buildings locations, processes, useful contacts and security information. You will also get in touch with most of the other international students who will be with you on campus. This is a great way to get to meet other students and create your support network.
Many universities have a library with meeting rooms, access to school databases, computer labs and obviously books for assignments or pleasure. The libraries on university campuses are great places to study and get work done if you need a quiet place to work. Also, if you have group projects for classes and or you just need a quiet place to work with a group you can usually find meeting rooms at the library designated for this purpose.
On university campuses you can find tutoring sessions and testing centers where you can get help with work you are not understanding or tests you have to make up. There is also additional help for a variety of reasons, if you need more time for tests and so on due to learning disabilities. Take advantage of these tutors, especially as international students you are trying to save money and these resources are usually free or at least cheap. Not to mention if you want to make some extra money or volunteer you can work as a tutor on your university campus.

Connecting with other students
On campus, international students tend to hang out together, and it is a great source of help. Still, do not forget international students who are a year ahead of you, or in another program. They can be of a great help given the fact that not long ago, they faced the same challenges. On many campuses, international students are also organized in students clubs or have an office to help new arrivals and organize international events (sometimes called an “International House”). Do not miss this opportunity to get good tips from these students. You can also use our online coaching platform at GradTrain to get help from mentors who were also international students in the past few years.

Remember, moving to study abroad is an exciting, yet challenging experience. In many cases you may miss the resources that can help you, that are right under your nose. Take advantage of the resources mentioned here and your adjustment to life abroad will be much easier.

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