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Best tips to study well on an American campus

Summer is almost over, you are happy and are thinking about your new life as an international student on your dream campus. Of course, you should enjoy this great and exciting period after all of the stress of the application process, however, preparing yourself to succeed during your study abroad adventure is key. You will experience a lot of changes once on campus such as the method of studies, the food, the culture, the social events. You will need to adapt and learn about yourself. You might discover a lot about your skills and limits.

One important preparation is to get ready to study and learn on an American campus. Once you receive your schedule of classes for the semester, you might find it to be very light, but it is just an illusion, a lot of work will be required from you.
Here are our best tips, to prepare yourself for the studying habits of an American campus:
Schedule and classes rhythm: You will be surprised once you get your semester schedule, seeing the low number of classes. Compared to many universities in Europe and in other parts of the world, the system of learning in American universities gives a lot of autonomy to the students. Still, do not fall into the trap, usually if you have 1 hour of class you might need several hours in the library to study and prepare for it. Your schedule will probably have about 10 to 15 hours of class per week, but this means double the amount of personal preparation work! If you are a future law student, you should look up the Socratic method which is used on American campuses. In a nutshell, in any class, you may be called upon by name to give an answer for a question from the professor, in front of the whole class. Therefore, you need to be prepared.
Plan out your study schedule and stick to it: All this freedom is great and exciting but this might become a significant issue at the end of the semester, before the exams, if you did not study regularly. You should prepare a schedule for your week: studying, classes, homework, sports, hobbies. Regularity is the best advice to succeed in your study abroad experience. Utilize real discipline and stick to it.

Read, read and read again: You will end up with a certain number of reading suggestions from Professors after each class: manuals, quizzes, online classes. This is not optional! Read, read, and read again. Actually, all the learning material your Professors will give you is essential in the understanding of the class, and this is also why you will not have so many hours of classes. It is essential to read and study all the materials and books recommended for each class.
Do not hesitate to contact the Professors: Contrary to many other countries, on an American campus, you might experience a different relationship with your teachers than the ones you had in your home country. The Professors are extremely involved in the studies of their students, they are easy to contact and you will also learn a lot from them directly. Do not miss out on this opportunity! The relationship is less formal than in many other cultures and you should really take this opportunity to improve in your studies. You can go have a coffee with your Professor and talk about your studies and future aspirations. You never know, maybe that Professor will end up being your advisor for your doctorate or a recommender for you. And, the Professor’s experience can contribute a lot to your success.
We hope these tips will help you to succeed in your study abroad experience, and to fully take advantage of this adventure.
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  2. Brilliant Blog. To study well you first make a complete schedule for your study routine. Any student needs to make a timetable. divide your subjects, and then start studying. Studying on an American campus is like dream comes true for any student so if you got the admission study well follow the tips and do your best.

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