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The most in-demand and well-paid professions in the US market

When thinking about applying to an American University, you might also have to look at the market and see if the studies are going to lead you to a highly demanded and well paid job.
Sometimes students choose where to study because they find the area interesting but they do not even look one step further- to the job search. You should see your studies as a time of learning and enrichment but also as an investment in your future.
The tips below are here to help you make the best choice for you and your future career if you plan to work in North America after your graduation.

A recent study from Glassdoor gave a list of the highest paid and in-demand jobs in the US. You can see that a large number of high paying jobs are related to the Health and Tech industries. Physicians and Pharmacists are highly in-demand and earn a median salary of nearly $149,064. Same goes for the engineering industry or certain jobs in Finance such as Corporate Controllers. IT jobs are also always in-demand and easily exportable.
Many students do not think about all the potential jobs in the data analysis space. Career Cast recently published a list of the best and worst jobs in America for 2017. The top job is a Statistician, a job linked to data and analysis which is in-demanded for many companies.
On the opposite end, jobs in journalism or communication are part less sought out and the market is extremely saturated. With a base salary of $36,000, the potential of earning a living is not high and many students do not take this into consideration before starting the application process. That said, if you have always been interested in Communications or Marketing, try first to see how the jobs are evolving in this industry: what are the trends? What are the new top positions in this industry? Some students majoring in communications, ended up having a great position as a marketing analyst in a big corporation, thus using their skills to help promote the vision of the company.

Be proactive about your career and start having a look now at jobs which are linked to the studies you are planning to pursue. Your time studying abroad will be finished much faster than you can imagine, so you need to think about the step following your studies.
Need more help with planning your studies and the steps following graduation?


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