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Personal benefits of studying abroad

As every international student knows, studying abroad produces a plethora of benefits that
vary from academic progress by obtaining an American degree, to career advancement, due to international networking. But not enough students focus on the personal growth that can be achieved through living and learning in the US. Here are some personal advantages that can be gained from a studyabroad experience:

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1. Independence. Living in an entirely new and foreign place away from your home country will foster a greater degree of independence. Even doing simple, everyday things like paying bills or going to the grocery store will provide you with an enhanced feeling of self-sufficiency because of the foreign language and unfamiliar culture that you are bound to encounter while running errands.

2. A new way of thinking. Leaving a familiar space forces you to step outside of your comfort zone. When you step beyond your inner circle and realize what else the world has to offer, you will find new experiences, encounter new ideas and ultimately gain a better understanding of the world around you. Studying abroad will also give you the opportunity to meet new and exciting people, who have had different life experiences than you, who can challenge your way of thinking and even give you a better insight into yourself.

3. Tolerance. Coming across people at university of other ethnicities, religions and cultures, those who you would not meet otherwise, will teach you how to get along and cooperate with all kinds of people. Understanding new people and where they come from will also shape you into a more understanding and tolerant person. This can enhance your personal relationships with friends and family back home, your future relationships and your workplace relationships with bosses, coworkers and employees.

When you graduate, it is essential to take everything that you have learned about yourself abroad and bring it wherever you might find yourself after graduation, whether it be back in your home country or a new city in the United States. These are critical and formative once in a lifetime experiences that should not be left behind.

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