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Funding your international studies - mission impossible?

Funding your international studies can seem intimidating and sometimes even downright impossible, but as you work through finding and applying for scholarships and loans, you’ll start to understand the system and find scholarships that are the best fit for you. What kind of student you are, what school you’re looking to attend and your general profile all have a tremendous effect on what kind of scholarships or loans you will be able to receive.

Although you would probably prefer to find scholarships before you find your dream school, this is rarely possible. In most cases, students search for scholarships while simultaneously seeking out schools that are the best fit for them. Finding the right scholarship depends heavily on what type of school you’re interested in attending and on your background. For example, Ivy League universities generally do not give academic/merit based scholarships, rather they only provide need-based scholarships (i.e. for people with financial difficulties). Depending on the university your applying to and if you are an academically successful student, programs like Prodigy Finance can provide loans that are right for you. A helpful place to start is at their frequently asked questions page, where international students just like you ask the same questions that you might have.
If you are not interested in attending an Ivy League university, look for other good schools that prove to provide substantial scholarships for their international students. These schools will not only be a great fit for you academically, but also financially. You might have to be open to schools you hadn’t previously thought about and be less particular about which school you will eventually attend, but you will find some schools that can make your study abroad dream a reality.|

Aside from academic scholarships, there are many scholarships out there that you don’t even realize exist. If you have a unique hobby, or have a talent in a specific area, there are a vast amount of scholarships that award students with money for university for athleticism, art, writing and so much more.

Because there are so many different types of scholarships, it’s important not to limit yourself to just one. You are able to apply for as many as you want, and you should, considering all of the expenses you will have to cover while studying in the US. In order to get a better understanding of your expenses and how you will cover them, create a budget. Calculating your living and learning expenses will give you the chance to see how much you will be spending and how many scholarships to apply for.

The reality is that the majority of international students end up paying for their studies from their personal or family funds. You need to be realistic and prepare to bear most of the costs yourself.

Funding your international studies may seem difficult and confusing, yet there are many scholarships out there. Spend the time searching for one or more that fit your background and goals. It will make your study abroad experience much more doable.

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