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4 Tips to Follow if you want to Study Abroad - From Ales Jug

When asked "where’s home?", Ales answers, "it's where the family is". This is because Ales has been for years commuting between the city he's from in Slovenia to Boston, where he is currently doing his second Ph.D. degree and teaching, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. With 5 degrees in fire and health safety, maritime, transport and entrepreneurship, it's quite clear that Ales has hacked the code to gettinginto basically any program he wants. After hearing about his impressive journey, we decided to expose some of his tips and get a true professional's insight into how to do it like a pro. 

One of the qualities that make Ales so inspiring is his view on opportunities. He believes that the path that he took of going abroad to study happened to him by chance, after an opportunity showed up. When he finished his first degree in Slovenia, he happened to bump into one of the deans in his university at a coffee shop. After introducing himself, the faculty member convinced him that it would be a good idea for him to do his second degree in fire and health safety  in the United States. He saw this as an opportunity, and went on a quest to finding the right program in the States. 

Back when Ales decided to study in America, the internet wasn't very developed and other than a few brochures he received, he didn't have a lot of information on how to study abroad. He took a flight to the States for a congress, to search for the right program. He scheduled a meeting with one of the professors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute when he arrived. He was surprised by the extent to which that professor helped him, and the amount of time he spent talking to him. He recommends others to not be afraid, and do the same. Personally go talk to a professor and see how they can help you. 

Personal contact has always helped Ales. He finds this the most effective way to gather all of the information that you need when trying to do something you've never done before. Before studying abroad, it's impossible to know about all difficulties you will face, but if you talk to someone who has already done it, they know exactly what you need to expect. 

Ales found that personal contact allows you to get information, but it also allows people to get to know you and want to help you. When a professor meets you and knows who you are, they would probably be more interested in having you on their team in comparison to someone they haven't met and don't know anything about. 
To go through the process of studying abroad is kind of like entering a dark tunnel. You don't always know what to do, and the path isn't always bright. Don't be scared of the unknown! Try to embrace and enjoy the feeling of figuring out what to do along the way. It's kind of like a puzzle which you need to solve, and every step of the way you get another piece to complete it. Ales also believes that the best way to deal with this feeling, is just to dive into the water and start swimming and learning as you go. 

Ales is also an entrepreneur himself. After finishing his Masters, he realized that a big problem in the world is that research in universities isn't effectively distributed to the masses. To solve that problem, he founded a startup which brings health and fire safety to people in different parts of the world like Africa and East Europe. Ales has a true passion for entrepreneurship, and is also helping students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute develop their own ideas, and succeed in their fields of study. 

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