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How to: find an apartment for study abroad

Leaving home for a study abroad experience can be a difficult decision in itself – never mind finding a place to live while you are thousands of miles away. The challenge of finding an apartment overseas is a conflict every student faces.

The first big decision you need to make is whether you want to go with program / university housing or with independent housing. Program housing means you are housed through the school you are studying abroad with, usually in dorms with other students in the same program. Independent housing means you get to live wherever you wish to explore. Finding your own apartment means being able to choose a safe neighborhood, budget your living expenses accordingly and search for all of the amenities you desire. Living independently means you are able to come and go as you please, hire a cleaning service and make sure you are conveniently located near classes, interesting sites or nightlife.

Comfort is key when you are living away from home. It is already nerve-wracking to try and speak a foreign language for four months, but coming home to an apartment that makes you feel at home is very important. Apartments dedicated to international students are rare to find –that is, unless you want to live in a dorm. By choosing independent housing, you have the option to live in a complex with local residents, or nearby American students. It’s your choice.

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  2. Comfort is definitely key.

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    It’s really important to give a “homey” feeling for yourself or the visitors whenever we rent a new house. This can be only done if we decorate our rental house in a decent way.
    Buddy, you have highlighted really useful points in this post. I loved the images you have shared.