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GradTrain is crowdfunding on indiegogo!! Back GradTrain and spread the word!

If you were wondering what we have been working on for the past months, here is the answer:

We are five friends from 5 different countries. We all share one important characteristic: we are passionate about international higher education. Studying abroad changed our lives for the better; not only did it help kick off and shape our careers, but it is now also an undeniable part of our identity.  That is what GradTrain is all about!
GradTrain is the first international web platform designed for people who want to attend graduate school in another country (no matter where they are coming from or where they are going to). GradTrain provides meaningful guidance from people who are what you want to be in a few years. People who understand your background, language and culture, and really care about providing you with the information that is relevant for your success.
We are building an online platform that will:
  • Connect prospective students with coaches who share a similar background to theirs who have been through the application process and can guide them to fulfill their potential.
  • Provide sophisticated algorithm-based decision making tools that will help students make decisions based on data on not on gut feelings.
  • Ultimately revolutionize the field of international education, by minimizing the information gaps that currently exist, allowing students and universities to find the right match for them.
Based on our vision, we want our first funding to be based on the power of the internet to mobilize people across the globe, to create a community and to increase the opportunity of many individuals to participate in a solution to a problem. We have thus decided to launch a Crowdfunding camapaign (what’s this?). This will also be a commitment vehicle to achieving our social goals.

“Crowdfunding democratizes start-up investment just as GradTrain aims to democratize the international education process”, says Jacob Bacon, a Former advisor at the United Nations and a GradTrain co-founder. “Building a community of friends and total strangers that come together and help each other because they have common goals and interests, is what GradTrain is all about.”

We need your help in making this dream a reality!

Back GradTrain on indiegogo and share the link to our campaign:

Visit for more information and ways to share the campaign.
Truly yours,

The GradTrain team


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