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Become a GradTrain Coach!

Help ambitious and intelligent people get into graduate school abroad and become what you are!

GradTrain is an online platform that enables prospective international students to choose the right program, get accepted to graduate school abroad, and complete their studies successfully.

We do this by connecting prospective students with people with a similar background who have been through this process successfully and can guide them, and by providing sophisticated data-driven tools to enhance their decision making process.  

We now invite you to become a coach on GradTrain so you can share your experience with those who want to go through the process you have completed, and make their experience more friendly and accessible and less of a guessing game. And – you can make money in the process and still make it significantly cheaper for the applicants compared to other services that are out there today.

Our goal at GradTrain is to reduce the unknown in the international application process to graduate school abroad, and give prospective students better tools to make informed decisions and succeed in their careers. Below is a short animation video about GradTrain and how it will help prospective international students (you can also find it on our homepage and in previous blog posts).

Who can be a coach?

If you have successfully completed your graduate degree abroad (Masters/Doctorate – MA, MBA, LLM, M.Sc., PhD, Dr. Sc., SJD / JSD, and more) in any academic field or are currently enrolled in a graduate program abroad in good standing, and are able to advise other people on how to get to where you currently are – we want you!

At GradTrain we know that if you have successfully applied to university programs abroad in the past, you have successfully overcome many obstacles and know how to apply to programs in a specific country and in your specific field. By building your profile on the GradTrain website, GradTrain enables you to make the best use of this expert knowledge by matching you to prospective students that share a similar background with you (e.g. come from the same country as you, want to study in the same field as you and in the  same country abroad). We believe that this matching will enable you to be an effective coach because you will be matched with prospective students that are in the same situation you were in just one, two or five years ago.

You will be able to coach prospective students with general advice on graduate school abroad, choosing the right program, writing a resume and essays, cultural adjustments, recommendation latters, finding a job after graduation, and any other topics you can provide advice on to help them in their quest for international education.

We plan to launch the full GradTrain platform in August 2013, and if you sign up now, you will be able to shape the development of the system prior to the launch by providing feedback on your user experience.

Why join GradTrain?

-Help others: Applying to school abroad is a stressful process, full of uncertainties. You can help prospective students make informed decisions.

-Rewarding: Earn money from sharing your experience and knowledge.

-Flexible: Coach when you want, where you want (all interactions are online). Set your own price!

-Enhance your network: Get connected to other professionals with international academic backgrounds from your field and from other fields.
Among our coaches and applicants on GradTrain, you will find the international scholars, professionals and leaders who will shape our world in the years to come. Together – we can broaden access to international education and make a positive impact on the world.

We warmly invite you to join us!

If you are interested in becoming a GradTrain coach, please visit our website at or send us an email to


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